Founded based on the premise that strategic advice is only relevant if tailored to the unique situation of an organization, OSV has partnered with industry-leaders to transform our clients’ businesses and processes into best-in-class industry practices.

To address our clients' needs and in addition to providing strategic services targeted at achieving their vision and mission "Strategy & Governance", OSV also focuses on three core capabilities: (1) Create data-driven business insights while maintaining data governance and privacy "Data & Analytics", (2) Automate end-to-end enterprise processes for effectiveness and efficiency "Automation & Integration", and (3) Enhance information technology controls and cyber security posture with reliable governance and compliance "IT Controls & Cyber Security".

Strategy and Governance
Strategy is the overall path to achieving an organization’s vision and mission. Individual initiatives, managed as projects, are the mechanisms used to move the organization forward on that strategic path. The failure of a company to establish an effective system of corporate governance produces a major strategic and operational risk to the company, as well as to its investors and shareholders. Corporate governance deficiencies may even jeopardize the continued existence of a company. In consequent, it is necessary to constantly monitor a company’s practices, the composition of its board of directors, the company’s competitive and market conditions, and/or mergers and acquisitions.

Our Services include:

  • Assessment of management decisions in alignment with the entity’s mission, vision, and values
  • Evaluation of the entity’s strategic objectives and related performance measures
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis
  • Design of an effective risk management program
  • Merger integration and implementation of divestitures

Data and Analytics

Empowering your organization – becoming a “data-driven” company

Ready access and insights into an organization’s data improves and optimizes decisions and performance, ultimately leading to an organization’s success and allowing them to obtain a competitive advantage. This “data driven” approach unites data, technology, and analytics to optimize business decision making. The right choice and use of emerging technologies can be a key differentiator for strategic organizations in transforming data into information.

Our Services include:

  • Data transformation roadmaps
  • Alignment of the data analytics and reporting initiatives to the business strategy, governance structure and practices
  • Assist in developing policies and procedures on data privacy and security
  • Designing data analytics program and modelling an integrated information management framework to improve performance and reporting
  • Support organization in the selection and implementation of appropriate platform(s)
  • Financial analysis, planning, and capital budgeting
  • Benchmarking

Information Technology

A key differentiator for OSV is our proven track record as well as our ability to perform in-depth data analysis to enable critical strategic system integrations and upgrades in support of digital transformations and sustainability initiatives (including the convergence of information technology and operational technology) for diverse on premise, hybrid, and cloud implementations. OSV focusses on automating and integrating (1) key functions required of a world class organization across (2) enterprise solutions including Finance, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Asset and Work Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Human Capital Management, and (3) independent software vendors including SAP, IBM, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Our Services include:

  • Enterprise Architecture: strategy evaluation, planning, design of operating models, and business process modelling and engineering
  • Enterprise Systems: business case development, system selection, design, implementation, integration, support, and continuous improvement
  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC): identification of compliance and internal control requirements, review of the organization’s risk management processes, and selection, design, and implementation of integrated GRC solutions
  • Shared Services and Outsourcing: business case studies, negotiation, and transition support
  • Project and change management

As organizations invest and grow their digital footprint, the respective threat landscape also expands, potentially exposing sensitive and valuable business information to greater risk. Protecting key business digital assets, applications, and data from cyber criminals seeking to exploit emerging security vulnerabilities must be a key focus area, ultimately contributing to an organization’s success. Adopting a holistic zero-trust approach to cyber security protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks, able to provide insights into cyber threats to mitigate risks and maintain compliance to regulatory regulations and certifications, is a key differentiator for strategic organizations. An effective internal control environment is the first line of defense for mitigating cyber threats.

Our Services include:

  • Define IT risks, design, and build IT controls framework
  • Perform IT risk assessments
  • Review IT general controls and automated controls across enterprise systems and custom-built applications
  • Cybersecurity framework benchmarking against industry standards and frameworks such as NERC CIP, NIST Cybersecurity Frameworks
  • Design and implementation of cybersecurity and IT risk awareness program
  • Preparation and presentation of cybersecurity and IT risk to senior management and the Board