Strategy & Governance

Strategy is the overall path to achieving an organization’s vision and mission. Individual initiatives, managed as projects, are the mechanisms used to move the organization forward on that strategic path. The failure of a company to establish an effective system of corporate governance produces a major strategic and operational risk to the company, as well as to its investors and shareholders. Corporate governance deficiencies may even jeopardize the continued existence of a company. In consequent, it is necessary to constantly monitor a company’s practices, the composition of its board of directors, the company’s competitive and market conditions, and/or mergers and acquisitions.

Our Services include:

  • Assessment of management decisions in alignment with the entity’s mission, vision, and values
  • Evaluation of the entity’s strategic objectives and related performance measures
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis
  • Design of an effective risk management program
  • Merger integration and implementation of divestitures