IT Controls & Cyber Security

As organizations invest and grow their digital footprint, the respective threat landscape also expands, potentially exposing sensitive and valuable business information to greater risk. Protecting key business digital assets, applications, and data from cyber criminals seeking to exploit emerging security vulnerabilities must be a key focus area, ultimately contributing to an organization’s success. Adopting a holistic zero-trust approach to cyber security protecting critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks, able to provide insights into cyber threats to mitigate risks and maintain compliance to regulatory regulations and certifications, is a key differentiator for strategic organizations. An effective internal control environment is the first line of defense for mitigating cyber threats.

Our Services include:

  • Define IT risks, design, and build IT controls framework
  • Perform IT risk assessments
  • Review IT general controls and automated controls across enterprise systems and custom-built applications
  • Cybersecurity framework benchmarking against industry standards and frameworks such as NERC CIP, NIST Cybersecurity Frameworks
  • Design and implementation of cybersecurity and IT risk awareness program
  • Preparation and presentation of cybersecurity and IT risk to senior management and the Board