CERT Certificate in Cybersecurity Oversight

Over the years, cybersecurity has grown to be critical in ensuring that companies continue to operate, innovate, and create value. The ever-growing cyber threat makes it paramount to have proper oversight in place to mitigate these risks. Leveraging principles implemented by thought leaders in private and public sectors, we can help ensure our clients are prepared for any conceivable cyber threat.

The CERT certification in Cyber-Risk Oversight, provided by the National Association of Corporate Directors and Carnegie Mellon University, is a testament to our commitment to implementing effective, advanced strategies for managing cyber risk.

"The NACD/CMU course on Cyber-Risk Oversight provides an excellent background for any board member—whether [they are] tech-savvy or not—in how to make sure the organization is prepared for dealing with cyber emergencies, and what role there is for the board in this."

Maarten Botterman, Chair, ICANN

Cybersecurity Oversight