OSV is a management consulting firm located in Toronto, passionately focused on partnering with leaders in critical infrastructure to (1) optimize their Operations, (2) define and implement their Strategies, and (3) ultimately achieve their Vision.

Founded based on the premise that strategic advice is only relevant if tailored to the unique situation of an organization, OSV has partnered with industry-leaders to transform our clients’ businesses and processes into best-in-class industry practices. To address our clients' needs and in addition to providing strategic services targeted at achieving their vision and mission "Strategy & Governance", OSV also focuses on three core capabilities: (1) Create data-driven business insights while maintaining data governance and privacy "Data & Analytics", (2) Automate end-to-end enterprise processes for effectiveness and efficiency “Automation & Integration”, and (3) Enhance information technology controls and cyber security posture with reliable governance and compliance "IT Controls & Cyber Security"

A key differentiator for OSV is our proven track record as well as our ability to perform in-depth data analysis to enable critical strategic system integrations in support of digital transformations (including the convergence of information technology and operational technology) for diverse on premise, hybrid, and cloud implementations. OSV focusses on automating and integrating (1) key functions required of a world class organization across (2) enterprise solutions including Finance, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Asset and Work Management, Customer Relationship Management, and Human Capital Management, and (3) independent software vendors including SAP, IBM, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Oracle.

OSV’s senior leadership team have gathered many years of management advisory experience in the critical infrastructure, as a partner and senior leader of global management consulting firms including the “Big 4”, as well as top utility companies in North America and Europe.

Our Values


We adhere to the highest professional standards and act always with integrity, credibility, and self-confidence.

Ownership Culture

We treat each other always with fairness and respect, and, fueled by passion, work tirelessly in collaboration to progress our clients’ business towards achieving their Vision.

Work Ethic

Driven by the desire to excel beyond the expectations of our clients, we function as a unified team solidified by trust, and rigorously maintain our independence.


We challenge the status quo and promote progressive innovation to provide high quality service enforced by accuracy, completeness, and timeliness.


We develop and sustain life-long relationships with our clients, our people, and our stakeholders.

Our Values

Our Professional Memberships

In each project, we ensure that our dedicated project manager is certified as a globally recognized Project Management Professional (PMP), and is a good standing member of Project Management Institute.

As a member of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario, our firm advocates for our client's interests and abide to the by-laws, including the CPA code or Professional Conduct, the Regulations, and Rules of Practice and Procedure.

Depending on the nature of the project, we ensure our team includes an individual who is a member of ISACA professional membership (a global community of IS/IT audit, assurance, security, cybersecurity, risk and governance professionals), and holds a CISA designation.